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Characteristics of High Frequency Power Inverter
- Feb 21, 2017 -

High frequency power inverter main features:

Using CPU control, the line is simple and reliable;

Using SPWM pulse width modulation technology, the output frequency stabilization regulator, filter out noise, low distortion of the pure sine wave;

Built-in bypass switch, mains and inverter fast switching;

Sub-city main supply and battery main supply type:

Main power supply type: a mains, in the mains output, when the mains input failure automatically switch to the inverter output;

Battery main supply: a mains, in the inverter output, when the DC input failure automatically switch to the mains output;

Allowing the switch in the boot state of DC, automatically switch to the mains bypass, does not affect the load power supply, easy to maintain and replace the battery;

Battery voltage is too high or too low, the inverter power off output, if the battery voltage back to normal, the power automatically resume output;

Load overload, inverter power off output, to eliminate overload after 50 seconds, the power automatically restore the output, this feature is particularly suitable for unattended communication base station;

Support communication function, provide RS232 interface (PIN2, 3, 5), the use of real-time monitoring software to understand the power supply work; (Note: this series 500VA models no such function)