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EPS fire emergency power supply
- Feb 21, 2017 -

EPS fire emergency power supply now has become indispensable to people's lives, for the interruption of the main problems brought about by the serious impact of everyone bet Related to some of the problems related to electricity, we can not ignore the small problems lead to disaster, what kind of consequences? This is a very important topic. How will we understand this aspect of the "electricity" class of emergency? Now to understand the application of EPS fire emergency power supply it.

EPS fire emergency power supply is a new power supply products in the power industry. It is divided into lighting, power type and hybrid type. It is widely used in the back-up power supply design of building electrical and industrial electric power. Because of its reliable performance, easy management, safety and environmental protection, long service life, flexible design and other advantages, and thus in the construction of electrical fire load power supply design quickly replaced the traditional wall-mounted emergency lights, generators and dual power supply Dual power supply switching device.