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Frequency inverter characteristics
- Feb 21, 2017 -

1, power frequency inverter high performance, with a strong ability to use the United States the most advanced inverter technology, power supply high quality, to adapt to a variety of loads, such as motors, air conditioners, electric drill, fluorescent, gas lamps and other home appliances, communications equipment, Industrial Equipment.

2, frequency inverter high reliability of a use of advanced technology and redundant design, and configure the frequency transformer, controlled by the CPU, the use of high-quality components carefully manufactured, stable performance, high reliability, aftermarket rate is not higher than 1/3000 The

3, power frequency inverter power supply protection has an input overvoltage protection; output overload, overcurrent, short circuit protection; machine over-temperature protection, etc., can resist high current start load impact.

4, the inverter power interface friendly LCD / LED display: working status, mains voltage, output voltage, battery power, frequency, load rate, fault and other information clear; and sound and light failure alarm, indicating failure and other functions.

5, power inverter power supply simple operation of a smart switch machine, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.