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How to choose the most suitable DC screen
- Feb 21, 2017 -

Many people in the choice of high-frequency DC-screen power supply device, often such a recognition, that is, the higher the better the technical level, the more expensive the better, in fact not the case In fact, users need to run the actual problems of feedback to the manufacturers, and high-frequency switching power supply principle and technology has been very mature, most manufacturers have adopted the classic circuit. So you choose the best device is the manufacturer has more than one year experience in stable operation of the product. On the other hand to consider their own (change) power station technical requirements of the fit, such as most of our rural (variable) power station does not have unattended conditions, there is no need to select four remote function of the device, if you consider the future Networking, to achieve the requirements of communication, the order must be required to retain the communication interface, in order to facilitate future transformation. Because now the general manufacturers of DC screen running the average time can reach more than 10 years, you can do long-term planning. Second, the battery selection is also very important, the battery is divided into open, fully sealed, is generally selected fully sealed maintenance-free battery.