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Multi - function inverter instructions
- Feb 21, 2017 -

When used in cars or in ships, it can be used in large trucks, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, military vehicles, communication vehicles, outdoor work vehicles or ships, etc., DC positive and negative can be directly connected to the car battery, Configure the battery pack, the inverter can convert the battery DC into a pure sine wave AC power, for power supply equipment.

Low-power EPS emergency power supply: the electricity is normal, the electricity from the main power supply; when the electricity is abnormal or power, the battery pack by the DC, through the inverter into a pure AC, for the use of load; Electricity returned to normal, but also to electricity supply; all conversion is fully automatic.

For use when using solar wind energy inverter:

A electricity: usually through the solar or wind power through the controller to charge the battery pack, and then by the battery through the inverter inverter output for the load; when the solar energy or wind power is not power and the battery is also in the undervoltage state, The inverter will automatically switch to the mains directly for the use of the load, while charging the battery pack, to continue to load the power supply, but also to maintain the battery life.