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Photovoltaic modules hot spot effect
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Photovoltaic modules hot spot effect

    A photovoltaic cell is a device that converts solar radiation energy directly into electrical energy. Single silicon crystal photovoltaic cell can get the maximum voltage of about 0.6V, the maximum current of about 30mA / cm2. So the photovoltaic cells are rarely used singly, but in series or in parallel to obtain the desired voltage or current. PV modules are a number of photovoltaic cells connected and packaged products, photovoltaic power generation system is the basic unit of the battery matrix.

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In order to achieve high conversion efficiency, the PV modules in the unit cell must have similar characteristics. In the actual use of the process, there may be battery cracks or mismatches, internal connection failure, partial shading or dirt, etc., resulting in a group or a group of battery characteristics and the overall dissonance. Detachable batteries not only contribute to the component output, but also consume the energy generated by other batteries, resulting in local overheating. This phenomenon is called hot spot effect. When the components are short-circuited, the internal power consumption is greatest and the hot spot effect is the most serious.

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         Dirt mask caused by the components of hot spots picture showing

       To prevent the hot spot effect, user should be regular cleaning solar panels.

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