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Safe use of inverter power supply
- Feb 21, 2017 -

1, do not make this product rain or damp, so as not to boot when the fire or shock hazard, if the damp, to be completely dry before use.

2, please do not arbitrarily replace the product configuration of the battery cable. To replace, replace the same or thicker copper wire.

3, please do not in the wet, dusty, high temperature, condensation environment.

4, please do not use flammable, explosive solid, gas, liquid nearby.

5, please do not place in the vicinity of high temperature or the use of heated objects, should be kept as far as possible with the surrounding objects not less than 20 cm, so that air circulation.

6, please do not let the lack of self-employed people (such as small 陔, etc.) use this product, so as not to cause harm.

7, pay attention to the inverter and battery positive and negative connection, can not be reversed, it is possible to burn the inverter DC input fuse.

8, the inverter is not used, the power switch should be turned off to reduce the no-load current on the battery discharge.

9, do not insert any objects or spill any liquid into the product of the case.

10, before using the input voltage to confirm whether to meet the requirements, and check the input and output connectors are connected properly, so as to avoid the input voltage or poor contact caused by inverter malfunction.