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The difference between on grid and off grid solar PV system
- Aug 10, 2017 -

The difference between on grid and off grid solar PV system

     In simple terms, off grid photovoltaic plants store solar power into batteries and then convert them into household 220V voltages through Inverters. Grid-connected photovoltaic system refers to the city power electricity connected together, and grid-connected photovoltaic power plant without electricity storage device, directly through the inverter into the national grid needs voltage requirements, and give priority to the use of the family, the family with endless electricity Can be sold to the country.


On grid solar energy system    

     On grid solar system, it is connected to the public grid, that is solar power, home power grid, public power grid connected together, it must rely on the existing power grid to run the power generation system. Mainly composed of solar panels and grid-tie inverters, solar panels issued directly through the inverter into 220V AC voltage and power supply to household appliances, when the solar power generation power more than the use of household appliances, the excess electricity is delivered to the public grid; and when the solar power generation power can not meet the use of household appliances, it is automatically added from the grid. And the whole process is intelligent control, do not need manual operation. 

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  Because on grid solar system do not need battery, can greatly save the cost. Home photovoltaic power plant can be free access to the grid, the excess electricity can also be sold to the power company or government. However, the on grid soalr system also has its shortcomings, that is, Photovoltaic power will not run when the public grid is powered down.

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Off grid solar energy system

     Off-grid solar system is also called an independent photovoltaic power station, is independent of the grid and independent operation of the power generation system, mainly include solar panels, energy storage batteries, solar controller, inverter and other components.

    Solar panel generated electricity directly deliver into the battery and stored to electric power supply, DC current in the battery through the inverter and converts the alternating current of 220V AC, this is a repeated charge discharge process.


   Off-grid solar power generation system is widely used because it is not restricted by geographical area. It is suitable for use in remote areas without electricity, islands, fishing boats, outdoor breeding bases, etc., and can be used as regular Emergency power generation equipment in power outages.

     With the development of new energy solar power products, off grid solar systems for home used is become more and more popular around the world, especially in Africa.

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