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What is the inverter, inverter?
- Feb 21, 2017 -

DC24V and DC48V series inverter power supply for the post and telecommunications industry design, for 48V, -48V or 24V DC screen program-controlled switches, computer room, network

Network, billing, servers and accident lighting and other places. When the electricity is normal, by the exchange of electricity through the static switch to the important load power supply, once the city power outage or

Beyond the normal range and other abnormal circumstances, electricity equipment from the mains power supply to DC (battery) inverter power supply.

DC110V and DC220V series inverter power supply for power plants, substations, power supply bureau and other places designed, widely used in 110V or 220V power system, monitoring,

Carrier, relay protection and accident lighting and other occasions. The power supply system from the power plant or substation own DC screen power, composed of AC and DC dual power supply uninterrupted power supplysystem.

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