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Tanfon 200kw inverter deliveried to Papua New Guinea

Last week, Tanfon 2 pcs 200kw inverter delivered to Papua New Guinea

200kw inverter

New Technology of the 200kw inverter: warm backup

The warm backup is a method of backing up a database using the archivelog mode when the database is running. That is, warm backup is a backup of the system under normal operation. So, if you have a cold backup and have a hot backup file, you can use this information to recover more information when something goes wrong. Once the database is running in the archivelog state, it can be backed up.


Advantage of the 200kw inverter

1. It can be backed up at the table space or database file level, and the backup time is short.

2. The database is still available when backup.

3. second level recovery (very short time, can be recovered to a certain point in time).

4. it Can recover from almost all database entities

5. Recovery is fast and in most cases recovers while the database is still working.

6. Full power, Japanese Mitsubishi brand IGBT module,Germany Semikron reply

200KW inverter loading


Where there need many power, and requires 24hours 7days electricity no stop

About this solar system

The solar system is going to be used for a building, to give the electricity to the whole building. Client’s design, they want the system working: solar first, then battery, then generator,finally utility.

The system will work with one solar system first. Only when the first solar system battery in low voltage, will the second system automatically start to continue the working. When the second system battery in low voltage, the first system is ready to work. When the two systems battery in low voltage, the inverter will give a signal to the generator, to realize the automatically working for the whole system.

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