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Analysis Of Micro - Solar Inverter Test Technology
- Feb 21, 2017 -

The output of the solar panel is different from that of the general DC power supply. The output IV characteristic curve is closely related to the environmental factors such as light and temperature. The voltage and current value of the working point change with the load on the curve. The output of the solar panel is different In the general DC power supply equipment output, the output IV characteristic curve and lighting, temperature and other environmental factors are closely related to the operating point of the voltage and current values in the curve with the load changes. In order to maximize the output power of solar panels, solar inverters often also need to have peak power tracking function to ensure that the operating point is always on the I-V curve near the maximum power point. The key to the design, development and certification of the inverter is to verify the input and output characteristics of the inverter under different environmental conditions (ie, on different I-V curves).