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Application Of Inverter Technology In Solar Power System
- Feb 21, 2017 -

Solar power is the conversion of solar energy into electricity, in the solar power system, the solar cell plays a role in conversion, the conversion of the current for the DC. People's daily life of household appliances are often power supply, the use of alternating current. In order to make household appliances can use solar energy conversion, the inverter will play the role of DC conversion for the exchange, this process is called the inverter. Now the inverter technology has been more mature, the advantages and disadvantages of the inverter to become the development of solar power technology. A good inverter can efficiently convert DC to AC, the loss of the inverter process is less, the conversion efficiency is higher. A poor performance of the inverter not only can not be efficient conversion of electricity, but also in the process of converting a considerable loss, loss of heat generated more likely to cause damage to the equipment, causing a series of accidents, resulting in personal property security.