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Development And Characteristics Of Miniature Solar Inverters
- Feb 21, 2017 -
1) In order to match the component power at that time, the DC input power is small, the corresponding output is also smaller;

2) at the time of micro-solar inverter products are all single-component connection, and micro-solar inverter between the hand handle (Daisy chain) connection;

Second - generation micro - solar inverter product features;

1) DC input, AC output followed by the pace of component power development; and due to the current use of high-power components on the market, customers began to require more than 300W DC input;

2) due to product technology innovation, further improve the integration, the emergence of dual-body solar micro-inverter, individual manufacturers can provide independent MPPT miniature micro-inverter;

3) Micro-solar inverter connection between the development of hand-hand and bus structure (bus cable); 4) Currently on the market mainstream products for the second generation of solar micro-inverter, the real realization of micro-inverter sales explosive growth Generation products. Micro Inverters This product completes the marketniche (marketniche) to the success of the market (market success) change (GTM).

The third generation of micro-solar inverter Features:

Micro-solar inverter technology innovation, three-phase micro-solar inverter, off-grid solar inverter, to fill the gaps in the market.