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How Is The Solar Controller Safe To Use?
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Intelligent solar controller is the main feature of the internal performance of the LED light source is very high drive, which the highest efficiency is able to reach 96%, four paragraphs of the device out of light, power mediation will become very accurate , Color temperature is also a very outstanding performance. Excellence in current is the need for their own control, very little will reduce the inside of the light source, to extend the life of this thing, inside the waterproof level can be used in a variety of harsh environments, to ensure that the inside of the industrial quality.

Which is out of the voltage is able to reach 70v price, the solar controller is to drive the lights, change their algorithm, and then have a high charge efficiency, is to make the time to become more long, the metal shell is There is a very high density of equipment, but also will get a lot of power, is able to control their own warming. Inside the built-in constant current source, the largest output voltage can be up to 70v inside, the largest time to drive a lot.

In the control panel above the two seats of the digital pipeline, the first is the display of the model, the second is the model below the parameters of what work when the need for direct cases, the model there is a parameter that can be normal display, This time every time the case will be converted to a number, while the second time is the second time that there will be the situation above the icon, more inside the operation method is to browse the need to adjust the model, the solar controller in accordance with the above Things to send, that is, you can stop the flashing, if you do not want to run, that is, you can only set the time to become 0 on it.