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How Should We Maintain The Solar Power System
- Feb 21, 2017 -

Some users have installed solar power systems at home, of course, they are installed in the home of solar power systems. When the user installs the system, it can be self-sufficient, do not need to worry about the lack of power tripping or power outages.

Users in the use of solar power systems, the need to regularly check it. Although its maintenance is relatively simple, but it can not directly regardless of it. In general, users in the protection of solar power generation system, the need to do the following work:

First, the user needs to dust the solar power system. After the use of the system for a long time, will certainly accumulate too much dust, and dust will affect the solar power system to collect solar energy, and then affect the power supply. The user only need to rinse it with water, and then use a clean soft cloth to wipe it clean it. Clean the solar power system do not choose in the sunny day, but selected in the rainy days.