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How To Choose A Solar Controller
- Jun 13, 2017 -

A wide range of solar power system is the implementation of photovoltaic modules, which will coordinate the use of a lot of work, but also solar controller, solar controller can be said that all the solar system inside the brain, so all the solar system is reflected Out of great value, choose such a good controller is the clothing moth is very critical joints. Market popular controller, the main is a common solar controller, the general controller is the first generation of technology, the work of Yuan Li is directly inside the battery into the battery port, is not fully used.

Followed by a PWM solar controller, is the second technology, which is now a lot of the market, the way the work is to use such control inside, and the general comparison is not to enter a lot, that is able to solve their own The battery is not full of all the problems, compared to their own control technology, but for the use of solar energy is not all, after the MPPT solar controller is also the third bag after the technology, the most high-end thing to control all the location The

The system will use the maximum power for the battery to charge, after the Geng total efficiency is nearly one hundred percent, all the system's power generation efficiency is more high, and for the battery has a very good management, but also divided into a charge to them The possibility of pressure, after the technical progress and conservation, is able to replace their own solar energy trends, ordinary solar controller is filled with dissatisfaction inside the electricity, but the senior is different, technical difficulty is the basic comparison of the bottom.