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Knowledge Of The Characteristics Of Solar Controller
- Jul 17, 2017 -

Solar controller to protect our energy-saving life

Solar controller is now a new energy-saving and new highlights, by the people welcome, whether it is in the solar high mountains, or high-rise city, everywhere you can see the solar controller, a variety of shapes , All aspects of the application, so we enjoy him for the enjoyment of us at the same time, we should learn how to maintain it, let it lasting for our service.

Modern society, more and more tight energy, solar energy discovery has become the first choice of many inventions. So many rely on solar products appear more and more into our line of sight, solar street lights is one of them, solar lights rely on solar controller to control, into a system used in solar systems, it Called the charge and discharge controller, this component is usually with the solar panels and battery and load phase adjustment work. This cycle will be high-speed operation and circulation. The system is 12 and 24V to identify each other, the controller generally has a very good series PWM to charge it so that the battery to increase the life of the system performance has also been widely promoted.

Popularization of the characteristics of solar controller

Solar controller is to protect the normal operation of solar energy can guarantee an important guarantee to ensure that the current and voltage of the normal work, not only can adjust the frequency, but also play a protective role, and also has the function of automation, a variety of designs can avoid many harsh environments Operation, for solar energy to play a control, protection and cooling and so on, in short, to protect the smooth flow of solar lights. It is with it in order to overcome so many difficulties, to achieve energy conversion, so it protects our energy-saving life.

Because the control panel on the settings menu display is simple and easy to use. Then there is the street lamp can be carried out from one to fifteen hours of regulation. Because its time control is not unique, so the lights of the system can change at any time. Due to the application of different environments, generally more humid or dust more, so waterproof equipment, of course, is essential. Generally can choose the battery device has a sealed, colloid, open three. If you want to improve the battery life, so that he needs to adjust the temperature through the temperature to adjust its parameters.

Solar controller at work for any type of photovoltaic cells through it or the battery, or the combination of these two different types of batteries, solar controller can also automatically self-protection function, effectively reduce the emergence of The possibility of failure.