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Present Situation And Development Of Solar Inverter At Home And Abroad
- Feb 21, 2017 -

(1) high frequency. The size and weight of the inverter power supply are mainly determined by the energy storage element, so the miniaturization of the inverter power supply is essentially as much as possible to reduce the volume of the energy storage element. So when we increase the frequency from the power frequency 50Hz to 20KHz, the weight of the electrical equipment to roughly reduce the weight of the design to 5 ~ 10%, the main material can save 90% or more, you can save more than 30%. As the power electronics operating frequency of the upper limit of the gradual increase in the size of the inverter power supply, the weight will be smaller and smaller. In a certain range, the increase in switching frequency, not only can effectively reduce the capacitance, inductance and transformer size, but also to suppress interference, improve the dynamic performance of the system. Therefore, high frequency is the main direction of development of inverter power supply.

(2) low noise. One of the shortcomings of the inverter is noise. Simply the pursuit of high frequency, the noise will increase. Using part of the resonant conversion loop technology, in principle, both can improve the frequency and can reduce noise. Therefore, as far as possible to reduce the impact of noise is another development direction of the inverter.