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Several Problems Need To Be Paid Attention To In Building Solar Power System
- Feb 21, 2017 -
´╗┐First, the location. As the name suggests, the core factor in the work of solar power generation systems is solar energy, and only solar energy is sufficient to ensure that the conversion work is carried out efficiently. Therefore, when the construction of the system, the geographical location need to carefully consider, try to choose a rich solar energy resources, that is, more sunshine location.

Second, the system design. There are many issues that need attention to the power system, including power load, voltage change, current type, etc., which are important issues that solar power generation systems can not ignore when building. In addition, the system's working time for the material and control system requirements can not be ignored.

Third, the working environment. In addition to taking into account the sunshine in practical areas, climate change in the work area also needs to be considered, how much of the proportion of rainy weather, the normal work for the system will have what kind of impact and so on. The size of the battery determines the system's continuous power supply time, which requires a local rainy duration to carry out targeted selection.