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Solar Inverter Ushered In The Dawn Of Blooming
- Jul 17, 2017 -

2016 years is the development of China's light blowout year, the solar energy industry enterprises are in order to compete for the market to reduce prices, the situation is still fighting each other in the solar power parity road, the whole system has a "heart" role of solar inverter Now what is the situation now?

2012 peak period when the country has about 300 solar inverter business, to about 100 now, in a few years can really survive in the market under the survival of the solar inverter business may be less than 30. "The solar inverter market from the beginning of the 'warlord melee' to the present 'warlord separatism', in view of this, the price dominant factor has been less and less, in the face of the upcoming 'oligarchy', technology, Manufacturing and after - sales service is an excellent solar inverter business core competitiveness.

Solar inverter industry homogeneous competition has intensified, regardless of the advanced nature of technology or conversion efficiency, the domestic mainstream inverter enterprise product efficiency has basically reached 98.5% or more. The price is no longer the decisive factor in the competition of the inverter business, the choice of the product for the inverter is more rational, the input-output ratio becomes the decisive factor of the product selection. Only to see the reality of the market and the potential demands of customers, leading technology, fine manufacturing, after-sales service system is undoubtedly the three companies in the edge of the blade.

Technology leader is one of the core competencies of all manufacturing enterprises. Technology leader is the fundamental survival of a business, if it is fast and step by step, will be able to plot step or even thousands of miles; D & D inverter manufacturers as early as 2014 on the introduction of solar inverter fuse external methods, Reform and innovation on the leading step.

Manufacturing is the core of product stability, the inverter as a result of a number of precision components of electrical appliances, the stability of its system for the protection of power generation has a crucial role. Dmita solar inverter with a new imported components, superb production technology so that the quality of solar inverter more secure.

Market transactions seem cold, but the service reputation is stable to take long-term cooperation of the trump card! After-sales improvement and service attitude determines how far this business can go, a good after-sales service system is the choice of solar energy inverter suppliers focus on the factors. In the construction of after-sales service system, Dmitry management in the development of development strategies focused on customer service must be in place, in the customer's recommendations and comments to improve measures to help customers solve the problem, so that the two-pronged approach.

Look forward to the development of solar inverter far, the vast front, that is the right way? Solar inverter investors will be how to find the way? I think Dunda will give you the best answer.