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Solar Street Light By The Pursuit Of Increasing Year By Year
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Solar street light in recent years more and more sought after, showing a situation of supply and demand booming, has a very good market prospects. In remote rural areas, lighting problems can not be provided at night because the grid can not reach problems such as power supply problems. In such circumstances, low energy consumption, environmental protection, convenient solar street light will be more and more popular.

As the traditional lighting equipment, energy consumption, and easy to cause light pollution, does not meet the direction of China's energy development and public demand. In this context, the government has been looking for new energy partners, trying to use a variety of ways to solve the problem of rural road power shortage. The emergence of solar lights, a good way to make up for the traditional lighting defects, in one fell swoop to become the new darling of rural road lighting.

Benefit from energy-saving emission reduction, green lighting project to promote the solar street light industry in recent years has been rapid development. The use of solar lights can help China's energy structure adjustment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions; from the economic point of view, but also substantial savings in electricity.

Every Solar Street Light can be seen as an independent power supply, no electricity, power capacity and artificial power control. It is also very simple to install, just dig a hole, buried a pole, the location can be free to place. And the price of solar street light is not very expensive, generally in the consumer can accept the range.

Solar panels can convert solar energy, and after parallel, in series and other methods to match the corresponding battery to get the required voltage of the lighting. Compared with the traditional power supply, solar street light do not need to set up wires, nor geographical restrictions, more security and economy.

Solar street light stability, and green, when buying the product do not just look at the price factor, to prevent some manufacturers shoddy good quality products, affecting the use of the late, and generally a high-quality Solar Street Light life is up to five years or even longer.