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Solar System To Replace Coal-fired Stove
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Recently, a factory workers bathroom and plant water production changes, Solar System successfully replaced coal-fired boilers. This indicates that the coal-fired boilers actually achieve zero emissions during non-heating, while also significantly reducing operating costs.

Into the Hala ditch coal preparation plant pulverized coal boiler room, and outside the hot environment compared to here is both cool and quiet. In the coal boiler room on duty duty director Dong Ping introduced, since April 15 this year, after the heating, the boiler stopped running. In the past, because to give Hara ditch coal preparation workers bathroom and plant life supply of hot water, the boiler is basically running.

This year the mining service company introduced a new type of patented blown pipe watertight solar system, the system uses a double vacuum superconducting collector, with high thermal efficiency, anti-cold, non-scaling, anti-fouling pipe and other advantages, to overcome the ordinary solar energy The system can achieve cloud computing monitoring center, mobile phone APP remote detection, remote control, remote alarm and other functions.

The use of Solar System, making the coal-fired boilers in the non-heating period of external emissions to achieve a real zero emissions, while reducing operating costs, the benefits of considerable.

Mining service company operation and management department Guo Wengang told reporters from the recent operation of the situation, the solar system can meet the whole plant workers bathroom, office buildings, laundry, canteen all hot water demand. The original use of coal-fired boilers average monthly cost is 44,000 yuan, the use of Solar System after the monthly cost of about 3,000 yuan, saving more than 90% of the cost.

It is understood that the mining services company in the future will be in the factory to promote the use of Solar System.