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Talking About The Types Of Solar Power Generation System
- Feb 21, 2017 -

There are three types of systems in solar power generation systems: off-grid power generation systems, grid-connected power generation systems and distributed generation systems. For unfamiliar people, the general is not clear. Next, this article will tell you about the various types of solar power generation system.

Off-grid power generation system is composed of solar modules, batteries, controllers, in order to be able to better use, it also needs to configure the inverter.

The grid-connected power generation system is generally a state-level power station, which can be grouped together to become a large grid-connected power station. This type of solar power generation system can be the power generation, direct transmission to the grid, and then re-deployed by the grid to the user. However, this grid-connected solar power system requires a large footprint, the construction period is very long, so the government will build a decentralized grid-connected power generation system.