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Tanzania, Destroyed The City Of Two Thousand Groups Of Unqualified Solar Cells: Imported From China
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Tanzania mainstream media on June 15, the guardian reported that more than two thousand groups of unqualified in the destruction of the city of solar cells in 14, the batch of solar cell value 120 million shillings ($540000), by the importer, imported from China.On site supervising the destruction of bureau officials said the group of the battery is in the last month by the bureau of standards held in Hong Kong, standards for battery multiple sampling test, the results do not accord with standard of Tanzania related products.Tanzania bureau of standards also said that the bureau has been entrusted agency products exported to Tanzania for conformance verification before shipment, hope to Tanzania importers in front of the imported goods contact related institutions, and to ensure that the product conforms to standard of Tanzania.

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