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The Main Types And Performance Parameters Of Solar Inverter
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Solar inverter is an important component of the entire solar power system, he can directly control the output of the solar power system voltage size and power size. In addition, the operation and shutdown of the solar power supply system, as well as the maximum power tracking and restrictions are solar inverter control, almost all of the solar power generator control, are completed by the inverter. Here we introduce the main types of solar inverter and its detailed parameters.

Solar inverter according to its use can be divided into different types of ordinary inverter, charging and inverter one machine, communications-specific inverter, the aviation army dedicated inverter and so on. In addition, the inverter type can be divided according to the current waveform outputted from the inverter. Inverter output current can be square wave, it can be a ladder wave or sine wave, some of the more complete function of the inverter, they output the current shape can be adjusted, that is, an inverter can output a variety of Type of current. In addition the inverter there are many other ways to divide, such as according to the frequency of the frequency can be divided into low frequency inverter, IF inverter and high frequency inverter, can also be divided according to the inverter circuit form. Solar Controller

Solar inverter main performance parameters are many, first of all should consider the use of the inverter environment, solar controller, including the use of temperature and the use of altitude and so on. In addition the inverter output rated output voltage, but also in the purchase of the main performance reference. Most of the solar power system, the output voltage is a voltage fluctuations, some instruments are more sophisticated, requiring voltage fluctuations are relatively small, most of the inverter voltage fluctuations between 3% to 5%, if the required voltage fluctuations smaller Of the words may need a special inverter.