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The Use Of The Solar Inverter Inside The Security Issues
- Jul 05, 2017 -

The solar inverter must be fixed to live, must not be placed on top of the console, in general, the solar inverter is relatively heavy, if placed on top of the console, when the emergency brake is easy to fly up on others The When you stop when you can not use the solar inverter directly to the ignition, when the ignition is a very able to impact their own voltage, very easy to break through the solar inverter during the damage caused by their own, the correct approach is to close And then once again the ignition, after the car when the fire to continue to use.

Do not need to use their own hands directly to touch their own outlet, and then although the power is still relatively small, is very easy to electric shock, the use of high-power solar inverter when the solar inverter is used in accordance with the above, Equipment is necessary to be practical evaluation of the shelf directly to replace the security, car cigarette lighter are generally 15A this is only suitable for relatively low power appliances, if more than these are to take the point directly, or will burn out inside s things.

Normal solar inverter input fuse is easy to burn out, it is best not to replace themselves, in the solar inverter to more than Jiucheng time, that is, because the input inside is broken, and then if the replacement fuse Is to continue to use, it is easy to burn the car's bumper, the correct way to use is to contact the manufacturers after-sales contact, can not be installed when the packaging to the supermarket environment inside, is not allowed to appear Grease. If more than 150w is necessary to use the battery shelf directly to take electricity.