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Trump And New Recruit With Solar Panel Wall Spending Burden To Repair!
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Cicc network - on June 7th, the President of the United States since taking office, trump has claimed to be established in the United States and Mexico border fence;Although Mexico still vehemently refused to pay for it, but in order to repair the wall, the President of the United States has a new idea: solar panels.
Two members of congress on Tuesday (June 6) republicans in congress, said at the meeting put solar panels on its proposed trump on the us-mexico border, build up the wall, and thereby makes built a wall of the expenses necessary for the project to burden.


Trump had previously insisted that I built a wall as its important presidential campaign promises, intended to prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking, and built a wall of the expenses will be borne by Mexico.Mexican leaders strongly opposed the idea, after January trump's attitude softened, and said the United States will paid upfront costs, from Mexico to repay later.
But congress has not yet to trump built a wall project funding, and opposition to the Democrats and some republicans also makes this wall can restore have doubt in the future.It is unclear whether and to make up the wall, or perhaps build more extra long fence.White House spokesman had no immediate comment.
Details about how to pay for the repair wall solar panel is not yet clear, but the solar power can make up for the construction cost of income.
During the election campaign has been emphasized to trump a border wall in the southern United States, and blocking the illegal immigration from Mexico.However, recently, according to the overdue residence of foreigners in the United States, Canadian than mexicans.
According to the U.S. department of homeland security released data overdue residence in the United States in 2016, can be found, a total of 740000 people in 2016 overdue residence in the United States, there are 630000 people may still remain in the United States.