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What Are The Charging Modes For Solar Controller?
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Conventionally, the solar controller charging mode can be divided into three types. What are the three types? We may wish to refer to the mains charger charging mode. Constant current, constant pressure, floating charge is the most common of these types of mechanical devices such as solar controller charging mode. What exactly is it? We will follow Xiaobian together, to these three stages to do a simple understanding of it!

We every consumer of electricity know that in accordance with the daily life of the electricity situation, we can easily judge, the power of the electricity grid is very large. It is also because of this reason, if the use of the process, do not carry out constant current charging, then, will have a great impact on the battery. So this way, we not only can not achieve scientific electricity, a little careless also very likely because of rechargeable battery charge and bring unnecessary security issues. So under normal circumstances, we use this type of charge in the solar controller need to pay attention.

In view of the above-mentioned situation, if at this time the relevant operators continue to use the mains controller constant current charging method, it is extremely insecure. So this time we should use another charging mode. So how should the specific operation? We should prior to the solar controller panel to detect and track the maximum current, the relevant power generation data recorded, calculate the best temperature compensation value. And then in the course of the operation, when the battery voltage close to the peak when the professionals through the trickle charge mode, to effectively prevent the occurrence of insecurity above, to achieve safe and efficient household electricity.