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What Is The Protection Mode Of The Solar Controller?
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Although the solar controller is an environmentally friendly and efficient product of the new era, we still can not ignore the potential safety problems of such mechanical equipment. So in the necessary circumstances, we should promptly start the solar controller safe mode. Under normal circumstances, it can be divided into two kinds. So what should be the specific operation? Let's take a brief look.

Direct charge protection point voltage, this protection mode is also called emergency charge. Unlike the usual protection mode, this protection mode is a fast charge. If the solar controller's battery is in a low-voltage state and can not be achieved and the higher voltage of the power conversion, then the controller will automatically start this kind of direct charge protection point voltage, to charge their own battery. Its principle is mainly because it has a parameter called the control point. Is the value of the table, when the controller is in the process of charging, the voltage displayed by the value is higher than the protection value, this time the controller will automatically start this mode, to control the battery voltage in time to low In this protection point, to avoid excessive charging phenomenon occurs.

The charge control point voltage is another common protection for solar controller. And the former is different from the controller after the end of the direct charge, the controller inside the battery will be standing for some time, and then let the machine internal battery conversion voltage down to a natural value, after a period of time when the battery voltage Drop to the "recovery voltage" value, this time the controller will enter the charge state. What is it called? I believe a lot of people will be two monks scratching their minds. It is what we usually say "balanced charge". Generally divided into two stages, but the time should not be too long.