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Q: What can be included for this system from TANFON? 
A: This system includes: Solar panels, PV array combiner, Solar inverter with MPPT solar controller build in, lead-acid AGM free mainentance battery, solar panel rack, cables., etc. 
Q: What's the advantage for this solar system from TANFON
A: 1. Installation support. 
2. The most advantage: On grid energy backup(not means sell electricity, just backup)
3. CE RoHS Certified
4.100% high quality materials
5. Have Open factory in local. --Best after sales service! 
Q: Is the system solution always the same? Can I customize one? 
A: Yes we have our professional teams making solutions for our clients. Solutions are mainly customized based on different sunshine time and power consumption. So the 1kw system may be with different configuration. 
Q: Is the solution for complete set? If not, what else are needed? 
A: Yes we can provide solution of complete set. If you don't need complete set, basic parts are also available. 
Q: Who arranges the shipping? 
A: We could help you arrange the shipment, we have good service forwarder in Guangzhou. 
Q: What's the difference between off grid and on grid solar power system? 
A: Off grid solar power system doesn't connect to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, charger controller, batteries and inverter. This system will store the solar power into the batteries, batteries energy will be converted the electricity power to supply the appliances working through the inverter. 
On grid solar power system connects to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, grid-connected inverter, the solar power will be converted the electricity power to appliance working directly. When the solar power is off, the power grid will replenish the electricity power to appliances working. 
Q: Can the inverter switch automatically to national grid to protect batteries. 
A: Yes. It can also connect to third generator like diesel generator. Please tell our sales before production. 
Q: What is the lifetime of the solar power system? 
A: Solar panels' lifetime are 25 years, charger controllers 5~ 7 years, inverters 5~7 years, batteries 6~8 years. 
Q: What is TANFON solar system after sales service? 
A: During the warranty, Solar panel--ship free new one; Battery-ship the new one, 
Inverter/controller---ship free PCB by DHL or FedEx. 
Q: How about TANFON solar system quality? 
A: We promise our quality materials, and after sales service, also have many project in all over the world, contact our sales get the project picture
Q: What is your trade Asusurance
A: 100% product quality protection
100% product on time shipment protection
100% payment protection for your covered amount
If you have more question, welcome to contact us freely, Choose TANFON, Choose Satisfaction!