Our Company's After-Sales Service Sets Us Apart
Published by TANFON SOLAR January 13,2024

Trustworthy and Reliable: Our Company's After-Sales Service Sets Us Apart!


When you have never cooperated with TANFON/when you cooperate with TANFON for the first time, you may have doubts about whether TANFON can provide sufficient after-sales protection. We understand this concern very well, because purchasing a solar system can not only solve the current electricity demand, but is also an important investment. With the current solar energy storage industry being so competitive, trust in suppliers will take some time to build. The following introduces TANFON’s after-sales service highlights:


1) Damage during transportation: When the goods are damaged during transportation, TANFON will fulfill its after-sales service commitment. 100% compensation for the goods will be provided to the customer. Customer satisfaction is the first priority in our work!



2) Solar panel defects: When the solar panel is defective, even if it can still work, we will re-ship it to the customer. Provide customers with the most sincere after-sales support, allowing customers to experience the professionalism and sincerity of our TANFON!



3) ONE-STOP professional service team: After you receive the goods, we have a professional after-sales service team to follow up on your project,
Create a dedicated group online to guide installation and answer questions
Professional engineers are dispatched offline for door-to-door installation, allowing customers to experience TANFON's unique after-sales service.


4) Solve installation problems in a timely manner: When customers have problems during the installation of solar systems, our engineers will quickly make professional judgments and solve them. TANFON's professional installation team will provide you with a worry-free after-sales service experience.


"Choose TANFON and enjoy end-to-end after-sales service experience!"

TANFON Safe Solar is a Chinese manufacturer focusing on solar energy production and services.

For home customers, this system is also a family asset. For industrial and commercial customers, this system is an investment, and TANFON's mission and ultimate goal is to maximize benefits. TANFON has strict requirements on product raw materials, production systems, packaging systems, as well as customer installation steps and regular maintenance to ensure the service life of the solar system.

TANFON Vision: By 2032, through the hard work of all TANFON employees, we will return God’s gifts to society and become a public welfare for the society; we will provide 4,000 industrial and commercial users with life-long maintenance solar power generation systems that are cheaper than fossil fuels, achieving a more Low electric bills and energy independence.

Here are 2 cases for your reference:

Recent case: A Nigerian customer bought a system from elsewhere after comparing prices. He did not pay attention to the most important quality. The purchased product broke and there was no warranty. He deeply regretted purchasing solar panels and inverters from TANFON.

Implicit and Explicit Costs of Purchasing a Solar System

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