Maldives 5000w solar system feedback
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 26,2020

Electrical Energy. Though it might not appear so at first blush, not much difference exists between solar energy and electrical energy — it's all energy. ... Solar is simply a form of energy used to generate electricity. Electricity is a convenient way to consume the energy needed to run your business.Commercial and city electricity are expensive a lot of charges and adds on because it is a business of a corporation and its conglomerates.  Tanfon is providing and serving not only commercial and industrial market the company is really giving importance to the residential market in which solar energy rate in each household is more or less $0.3/KWH on the other hand the industrial side $0.5/KWH Monthly each house 250 to 300 USD. Tanfon is full committed in providing quality and economical solar energy for the market. Good and quality service for the market is now at your fingertips; Tanfon will provide the higest quality and excellent customer service.

5000w solar system



“Here electricity is very expensive,Thats why people want go for solar power,family rate$0.3/KWH doller,Bussines rate $0.5/KWH.Monthly each house 250 to 300 doller,after i install your solar system ,we can save at least $200/ month”

This is what our Maldives customer feedback to us .

You buy one set 5000w solar system,every month only need to pay about USD15,can save about USD200 .

This is a great investment, you deserve it

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