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How does the 5000 watt solar inverter work?
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 19,2019

1. The power of the 5000 watt solar inverter must be greater than the rated power of the appliance used
Considering that the current of some electric appliances is larger when starting, the 5000 watt solar inverter with larger output power should be chosen

off grid 5000w solar inverter

2. The dc input voltage of the 5000 watt solar inverter should match the battery voltage
The 5000 watt solar inverter must be connected to the battery when working, the inverter has been marked access to the battery voltage (such as 12V, 24V, etc.), then you access the battery voltage must be consistent with it, the inverter voltage DC12V, then your battery voltage must be 12V corresponding, otherwise the inverter will not work or damage.

3. The positive and negative poles must be connected correctly
It must be the positive electrode of the 5000 watt solar inverter battery (red), and the negative electrode of the inverter battery (black).

solar power inverter

4. Charging (some users may not need this function)
At the ac input point, press the municipal electricity, connect the battery and the inverter correctly as required, connect the positive pole with the positive pole (red), connect the negative pole with the negative pole (black), close the electric switch, this function can automatically charge the battery, and automatically change to floating charge after sufficient.At the same time, this machine has the function of automatic bypass, when the mains power input, it can output to the load automatically by bypass, when the mains power power outage automatically into inverter output, uninterrupted power supply to the load

inverter 5000 watt

5. 5000 watt solar inverter use
When there is no mains power input, connect the battery and inverter correctly according to the requirements, close the switch of the panel, inverter output ac power supply electrical load.

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