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What is the function and role of solar inverters?
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 05,2019

Solar inverter not only has direct ac conversion function, but also has the maximum limit to develop the function of solar cell function and system fault maintenance function. It is summed up with active operation and shutdown function, the maximum power tracking control function, anti-operation function (grid system with), active voltage adjustment function (grid system with), dc detection function (grid system with), dc grounding detection function (grid system with). Here a brief introduction to active operation and shutdown function and maximum power tracking control function.

5KW off grid solar inverter with mppt charge controller

1, active operation and shutdown function after sunrise in the morning, the solar radiation intensity gradually strengthened, the output of the solar cell also increases, when the solar inverter task to reach the required output power, the solar inverter is active start operation. After entering the operation, the inverter will take care of the output of the solar cell module all the time. As long as the output power of the solar cell module is greater than the output power required by the inverter task, the inverter will continue to operate.Until sunset, the inverter can operate even on rainy days.When the output of solar cell components decreases and the output of the inverter approaches 0, the inverter will form a standby mode.

3 Phase Solar Panel System

2, the maximum power tracking control function of solar cell module output is with the solar radiation intensity and solar cell module itself temperature (chip temperature) and change.Because the solar cell module has the characteristic that the voltage decreases with the increase of the current, there is an optimal task point that can obtain the maximum power. The intensity of solar radiation is changing, and obviously the optimal mission point is also changing. Related to these changes, the mission point of the solar cell module is always at the maximum power point, and the system always obtains the maximum power output from the solar cell module. This control is the maximum power tracking control. Solar power system with the biggest characteristic of the inverter is to include the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) this function.

off grid solar power system

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