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What role does on grid inverter play in solar energy system?
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 11,2019

Lower electricity bills and protect blackouts

Traditional solar systems work only when public electricity is available. If there is no energy storage, the on grid photovoltaic solar system will be shut down during the power failure.Don't leave electricity in the dark when youneed it most. The addition of batteries and on grid inverters can provide seamless, uninterrupted power to your home during a power outage, while also offsetting your electricity bill.

on grid solar inverter


It stays on even when the grid is off

When the grid is available, homes use the electricity generated by the solar system and feed the excess energy into the grid.In the event of power failure, the on grid inverter will automatically open to supply power to the refrigerator/freezer, lights, well pumps, computers, telephones and other equipment.The combination of solar and battery storage can seamlessly provide power to vital equipment in the event of a power failure, similar to off-grid systems. Backup gas generators can be incorporated with additional independence to prevent prolonged power outages.

3 Phase Solar Panel System


Prewire and prepare for installation

All of our solar plus storage modules include a complete power center, pre-wired and tested by our technicians trained at the solar company's factory.The power center is the core of the system, including the necessary battery-based on grid inverters that can provide power from the battery during power outages.We assemble and test circuit breakers and other components required for safe and code compliant installation. These systems really combine the best of both worlds, providing battery storage independence and reassurance, with the cost savings of a on grid solar system.

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