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What are the precautions for choosng a solar inverter air conditioner?
Published by TANFON SOLAR November 29,2019

Sorching summer we all want to stay in the cool air conditioning room, air conditioning is also an essential part of ordinary life, we all know that air conditioning must have inverter can be driven by air conditioning running more stable, so will choose when buying air conditioning power is greater than the solar inverter air conditioner itself, to make the normal operation and use, so solar inverter air conditioner need to be aware of what is, so to avoid the problems in use process, the influence of unnecessary troubles and to life.
Inverter is first need to be aware of before installation must choose power is bigger than air conditioning, such ability more stable running air conditioning, also need to be aware of is the inverter output power is greater than the maximum power appliances, such as air conditioning energy to start the larger equipment, should choose to reserve additional power ready, put in the process of using the drive running on air conditioning, in the use of still need to pay attention to the choice of the nominal voltage of the battery voltage inverter and the nominal dc voltage inverter, can choose the equivalent voltage stable operation.

3kva off grid solar inverter

When installation should pay attention to solar inverter air conditioner must ask professional personnel to install, avoid a non-professional non-standard installation methods affect air conditioning use, in use process if there is a problem also can't literally, please remove the maintenance and modification inverter, because it may give solar inverter air conditioner caused serious influence, even bring loss to users.

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Therefore, no matter in the installation or the use of the process must pay attention to, can not casually install the inverter must choose the appropriate voltage and power, so it is important to know the choice of the solar inverter air conditioner, so that users can use more stable air conditioning, prolong the service life.

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