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What do you need to pay attention to when using solar inverter for home?

When using the solar inverter for home, there are five points to pay attention to, the operators must be careful when using.

一、the inverter dc voltage should be the same

Every inverter has access to the value of dc voltage, such as 12 volts and 24volts, need to select the battery voltage must be the same as the inverter dc voltage, such as your battery is 12 volts so you must use 12 volt inverter to convert alternating current, can be used.


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二、inverter output power

The power output of inverter must be larger than the application power of electrical appliances, especially for the opening of the power comparison of electrical appliances, for example refrigerators, air conditioners and so on.

三、the inverter positive and negative connection is correct

The positive and negative poles of the inverter must be connected correctly. Inverter connected to the dc voltage clearly marked positive and negative, red is positive pole , black is negative pole, battery above also marked positive and negative pole, inverter connected to the battery when the positive pole to connect the positive pole, negative pole to Connect the negative pole, connect the line must be thick, and depends on the length of the line.


solar inverter for home


四、inverter placement position

Inverter must be put in ventilated and good, damp position, avoid to be drenched by rain, and should have the distance of 20 centimeters or so with the object all round, a bit farther from the article that burns explosion easily, must not put above inverter or cover other a few articles, apply an environment the temperature cannot be higher than 40℃.

五、charging and inverter can not be carried out together

Charging and inverter cannot be carried out together, in conclusion, when the inverter is in use, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the inverter output electrical circuit.


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