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2KW Hybrid solar inverter use in solar power system

Product Specification:
  • Brand Name : TANFON
  • Model Number : WSC-2K
  • Output Power : 2kva
  • Output Type : Single
  • Ooutput Voltage : 110V or 220V
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  • Model
  • WSC1K
  • WSC2K
  • WSC3K
  • Rated power(W)
  • 1KW
  • 2KW
  • 3KW
  • Rated DC voltage(V)
  • 24V
  • 48V
  • Line input
  • Input voltage(V)
  • 145-280V, 90-127V
  • Charge current(A)
  • 10-30A
  • Inverter output
  • Output voltage(V)
  • 110V or 220VAC±5% &5V,12V DC
  • Output frequency
  • 50Hz/60Hz±1%
  • Wave
  • Pure Sine Wave, THD<4%(Full Load)
  • Solar input
  • Maximum voltage(V)
  • 42V or 88V or 176V
  • Rated power(Wp)
  • 1000W
  • 2000W
  • 3000W
  • Solar Controller
  • Charge current(A)
  • 60A
  • MPPT range(V)
  • 24v(20-34)48v(40-68)
  • Charging efficiency
  • 90%-95%, Peak on 97%
  • Name
  • Picture 
  • Advantage
  • Supply System
  • inverter solar
  • Since the establishment of our inverter factory, we have been purchasing transformers and capacitors from the same supplier. 
  • MOS tube adopts an imported IR brand.
  • QC System
  • inverter solar
  • ICT test, pinhole alignment PCB board, check all lines, reduce the failure rate.
  • Production System
  • 1kw inverter solar
  • Wall-mounted inverter board production uses automated machine plug-ins. Improve efficiency, reduce loss, and enhance stability
  • Factory Inspection System
  • inverter solar power
  • Our inverter has passed 100 times of ultimate power-off test. According to statistics, 99% of the tested inverter can work very stable.
  • inverter solar
  • Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of green energy products with great commitment, contribution heart, and responsibility. 
  • We are specialized in the R&D, manufacture, and sale of high-quality inverters, all kinds of pure sine wave Hybrid solar inverter(off-grid and on-grid, single-phase and three-phase).
  • inverter solar1.The chassis is thick, resistant to falling, shockproof and not easily deformed.
  • 2.MOS tubes, ICs, and triodes are all new imported raw materials.
  • 3.Toroidal transformer, small no-load current, low loss, high efficiency
  • 4.The process is good, the wiring is complete, the circuit board wire head is not easy to loose, and the failure rate is reduced.
  • 5.Power board brushed three anti-paint, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-static, improve work efficiency
  • 6.Design life is 10 years
  • WSC series solar inverter with mppt charge controller data sheet
  • Product Details
  • WSC2K off grid 2000w Hybrid solar inverter with built-in MPPT controller, wall mount design, easy installation.


  • Why Choose TANFON Hybrid solar inverter Products?
  • Hybrid solar inverter
  • 1.Sample service:Applicable to quality test,function test etc
  • 2.Repair service:Two year warranty
  • 3.perfect after sales service system:Contact us ,we will help you quickly find the problem,then give you fast service .
  • 4.ODM service:Powerful R&D department can provide professional technical support 
  • 5.OEM services:More than 100 pieces ,you can decide the trademark and package
  • 6:quality utmost:Each inverter has tested by power-off test of 100 times per hour.
  • pure sine wave inverter solar Seven Management Systems:
  • Hybrid solar inverer packing&load container:
  • inverter solar
  • Certificate
  • We have ISO9001, CE, RoHS ;have pass COC,IEC62109,The test report will be applied to Algeria, Botswana, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya (PVoC), Kuwait (KUCAS), Lebanon, Libya, Mauritius, Nigeria (SONCAP), Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania / Sangria Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe and Morocco countries
  • Hybrid solar inverter
  • Global Exhibition
  •  TANFON will meeting with you in your country!
  • Hybrid inverter
  • We accept OEM order, contacting with us now for more information. All inquiries will be replied with in 24 hours.

TANFON have set up 3 more service centers in 2019.

1) Successfully established the Senegalese Service Center, named TANFON ENVISOLAR PRESTIGE SARL

2) Tanfon Solar Kenya Ltd in Kenya and Tanfon solartec Mozambique E servicos,SA

In Mozambique both Successfully obtained a business license.

After 12 years of deep cultivation, we have successfully helped some of our customers to grow up and cooperate together to develop the local market more comprehensively.


Our vision is to open 120 service centers all over the world, and we are constantly working hard for it.

Tanfon can provide you with all professional services, Tanfon will go with you all the way.We sincerely invite you to work with us together.

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