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home inverter 3kva 5kva single phase inverter in Poland

Product Specification:
  • Brand Name : TANFON SOLAR
  • Model Number : solar inverter 5kw
  • DC voltage : 48V
  • Output voltage : 110V/220V
  • Advantage : German Technology
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TANFON WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter

TANFON inverter promise full power capacity output, Have service evidence to choose us to be safer.


Product Application

WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter for home solar power system

TANFON WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter

WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter data sheet solar inverter



Rated power(W)5


Rated DC voltage(V)


Line input

Input voltage(V)

145-280V, 90-127V

Charge current(A)


Inverter output


Output voltage(V)

110V or 220VAC±5% &5V,12V DC

Output frequency



Pure Sine Wave, THD<4%(Full Load)

Solar input

Maximum voltage(V)

42V or 88V or 176V

Rated power(Wp)

Solar Controller
Charge current(A) 60A    
MPPT range(V) 24v(20-34)48v(40-68)
Charging efficiency

90%-95%, Peak on 97%

Size &package size:D*W*H(mm) 525*365*210mm



Product Details

WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter with built-in MPPT controller, wall mount design, easy installation.

TANFON WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter

WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter Feature

1.DSP,the whole series controlled by program of DSP intelligent chip.

2.LCD,The whole series with automatic AC charger and automatic AC mains switch function.Switch time within 5ms.

3.Continuous Stable output voltage,No matter how low or how high the AC input voltage is ,with voltage stabilizer our inverter provides standard 110v or 220v stable output ,which keeps the loading works stably.wide stabilizing range of AC input optional.

4.Original imported MOS tube,Brand new and imported U.S brand infineon IR MOSFETs are used for the whole seriesIR4768,IR3205,IR4310.

5.Super load capacity,three times peak power of rate power.

6.Two layers PCB board,real isolated input and output,they will not influence each other during operating.such design is in order to improve the stability of the inverter,and it is easy to detect faults and maintain.

TANFON WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter

Why Choose TANFON Products? solar inverter

1.Sample service:Applicable to quality test,function test etc

2.Repair service:Two year warranty

3.perfect after sales service system:Contact us ,we will help you quickly find the problem,then give you fast service .

4.ODM service:Powerful R&D department can provide professional technical support 

5.OEM services:More than 100 pieces ,you can decide the trademark and package

6:quality utmost:Each inverter has tested by power-off test of 100 times per hour.


Certificate solar inverter

We have ISO9001, CE, RoHS etc.

TANFON WSC5K off grid 5000w solar inverter

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