Tanfon Three phase inverter installation tips1
Published by TANFON SOLAR November 18,2020

3 phase inverter


How to solve phase sequence error?


1. What problems should I pay attention to when I want to connect the city power to a three-phase inverter?

Need to pay attention to the problem of phase sequence, do not connect the wrong phase sequence.


2. I can simply understand like this: connect it as long as the colors of the wires match? Or according to our standards, connect the corresponding R S T to the inverter?


Because each region may have different regulations on the color of wires. Therefore, do not connect it at will, otherwise the inverter may be damaged.


3. So what should I do?

1) get to know our solar system inverter.

Phase A is yellow, phase B is green, phase C is red, the neutral line (also called the zero line) is light blue, and the protective neutral line (ground line) is yellow and green.


2) turn off all the switches and connect to the mains. (If there is an instrument, you can do the test first, if there is no instrument, use the inverter to start the test)


3) After the utility power is connected, only the rectifier switch is turned on, and the other switches remain closed. Observe the inverter,if it has a long beeping alarm sound.

If not, the wiring is correct, you can turn off the rectifier switch, connect the load, turn on the rectifier and bypass switch, and let the inverter start working. If it is a battery-first mode of operation, turn on the battery switch first, followed with the rectifier and bypass switches.finally the appliances’. ( only when the inverter output working normal can we turn on the appliances)

If the alarm, the wiring is incorrect and the wiring needs to be adjusted until the off grid inverter does not alarm.


4) The entire process must be operated strictly in accordance with our requirements, otherwise if the machine damage caused by improper operation, customer must pay for repairs themselves.

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