How to connect Dual output solar inverter
Published by TANFON SOLAR March 20,2020

What is a dual voltage output solar inverter?

In some countries, there are two kinds of voltage output of the grid power, 110V or 220V, so the appliances will have two kinds of voltage.

The inverter have 110v and 220v output we call dual voltage output inverter. Some customers also describe like this: double phase inverter, Double Voltage 110V&220V Output Inverter, 2 output voltage inverter.

Electrical appliances in many parts of the Americas have two voltages.

In South American, air conditioner, washing machine, dryer 220V, other lighting, microwave oven is 110V. Our dual voltage output solar inverter can carry the load of 110V and 220V at the same time.

Dual voltage output inverter applicable countries:

Suriname Jamaica, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominica, United States, Guyana, philippines,japan,etc.

The dual voltage output inverter pictures,,connect way:

dual voltage output solar inverter

L1 + L2 = 220V

L1 +N=110V or L2 + N =110V


Connect to L1 and L2, output voltage is 220V; Connect to L1 and “N” or L2 and "N" output voltage is 110V, but it is better connect to L2, Why? Because our inverter overload protection is installed in the position of L2.


TANFON specializes in produce South American market solar inverters.Welcome to consult us for this  dual voltage output solar inverter and look forward to cooperating with you.



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