How to adjust our three phase inverter's output voltage?
Published by TANFON SOLAR October 22,2020


off grid solar inverter


We occasionally encounter some situations, such as: the load pulls down the output voltage of each phase, so that the output voltage needs to be adjusted.

After the customer installs our three-phase inverter, if one phase of the inverter's output voltage deviates from your local voltage, how to adjust to the correct voltage,please continue to look down:


It is easy,just have 2 step:


If the inverter is a three-phase 380V, when the A-phase output deviates from the local voltage


The first step:use a multimeter to clamp the A Phase and 0 line of the output at the same time(A phase means R).If there is a deviation in the B phase, the B phase and the 0 line are clamped;(B phase means S)


The second step:Do not let go of the clip, then test the potentiometer of the main board on the top of the inverter, turn the small switch on the potentiometer with a screwdriver, and watch the multimeter debug to 220V.(If the inverter is three phase 220V,here we need to watch the multimeter debug to 110V)

off grid solar inverter

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