Off-grid Solar Energy System Connected to Diesel Generator
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 21,2024

Achieving Dual Benefits of Sustainable Energy and Backup Power


We have 16 years of experience in the solar energy system industry, and we are not only a manufacturer but also a service-oriented company.  We provide a comprehensive range of services, including surveys, design, training, installation guidance, and after-sales support.

In many remote areas of Africa, there is still no access to grid electricity, and residents can only rely on diesel or gasoline generators for power.  However, with the increasing popularity of solar energy systems, more and more residents in remote areas are starting to use solar energy systems and using generators as backup power sources.

We often receive inquiries from customers asking if solar energy systems can be connected to diesel generators.  The answer is, of course, yes, as long as the solar energy system and the generator have the same voltage.


Solar Energy System Connected to Diesel Generator


Our off-grid solar energy systems can be connected to diesel generators, but there are two important points to consider:

First, you need to let us know if you want to achieve automatic switching or manual switching.

If you choose automatic switching, we need to determine if your generator has an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).  If it does, then there is no problem.

If the generator does not have an automatic transfer switch, the switching operation can only be done manually.

Second, if you install a 15KW solar energy system and connect it to a 10KW generator, the maximum load that the system can handle when powered by solar energy is 15KW.  When the battery voltage is low and it switches to generator power, the maximum load it can handle is 10KW.  Conversely, if you install a 15KW solar energy system and connect it to a 20KW generator, whether powered by solar energy or the generator, the maximum load it can handle is 15KW.


If you have any other questions about connecting solar energy systems to generators or any inquiries about solar energy systems, please let us know.  We will provide you with professional answers and solutions.

By choosing us, you will get top-quality solar energy systems and comprehensive services, allowing solar energy to bring more convenience and sustainable power to your life.

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