How many do you know about solar inverter for home
Published by FOSHAN TANFON ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD September 26,2019

Distributed solar power generation, as the hottest project in recent years, is entering millions of households. It can be said to be a household appliances, also an investment project. But many people don't quite understand what distributed the solar inverter is, and what is its principle? What problems will it have? How to solve it?

1.The solar inverter are dirty. Can they be wiped clean with wet towels? Can they be washed?
A: The solar inverter works live. It is strictly forbidden to wipe with wet towel or clean with water. If the surface of the inverter is dirty, it is necessary to disconnect all AC and DC points, pull out all connection terminals, and wait for 5-10 minutes before cleaning with organic volatile detergent dipped in a dry towel.

2. My family has children, very naughty, often climb up to play with solar inverter, will there be an accident?
A: The solar inverter is live when working, and it will be hot. It is strictly forbidden for children to operate the Inverter in case of danger.

3. Is there any radiation when the solar inverter is installed in the room, which will affect people's health?
A: The solar inverter are qualified by CQC (National Quality Certification Center) strict testing. There is no radiation hazard and will not affect health.

5. Can the four buttons on the display screen of the solar inverter be pushed freely? What if I press them in disorder?
A: The buttons on the inverters are for customers to view the parameters of the inverters. You can follow the steps in the instructions to see the relevant parameters. If you press the wrong key carelessly, you can also consult the after-sales personnel or check the instructions to restore the inverters to the previous operation state.

6. The connection of the solar inverter was bitten by rats. What should we do?
A: The solar inverter cable has been bitten. Please call the electrician immediately and come to the scene for fix. Never deal with it privately in order to avoid danger.

7. In order not to be stolen by thieves, how about I design a sealed anti-theft box for the The solar inverter?
A: The inverter will heat up when it works. If it is installed in a sealed burglar-proof box, it will lead to unobstructed heat dissipation, high temperature and low output power of the inverter, which will also affect the life of the inverter. Therefore, it is not recommended to install sealed anti-theft boxes.

8.Discovering that photovoltaic is a good way to make money, I bought some photovoltaic panels privately. Can I install the inverter on my own?
A: In principle, it is possible (in some areas, companies with installation qualifications are required to undertake engineering installation before they can apply for it), but in order to ensure safety and reliability of installation quality, professionals are invited to install it.

9. Where the solar inverter cannot be installed?
A: 1. Where the sun shines directly,
2. Poor ventilation
3. Location of rain
4. The surroundings are full of sundries.

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