Angola 5kw off grid solar system for home
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 27,2020

"Even your price is higher, we will buy from you, we saw you all, we trust you". said Mr. Daniel

5kw off grid solar system

5kw off grid solar system

Mr. Daniel visited our factory in April this year. With their friend together, his friend, Mr. Daniel is life in Guangzhou for many years, and he knew our factory from a friend who bought from us before.

We had a good meeting, introduced our factory and projects to them. They feel good.

They were looking for the solar panel system for their house use, we discussed with their engineer ( one of a friend is an electrician), he listed the house loads information, we finally confirm the 5kw off grid solar system

“Your price is higher than the others we have,” said Daniel.

“Our materials different. You can see the solar panels all new cells under the EL testing, make sure every cells no Invisible crack, so working well even many years usage,” said Julie.5kw off grid solar system

“Please also see the IGBT material we use, we are THE FIRST FACTORY who use the IGBT technology for 5kw off grid solar system, this is much powerful to work inductive loads and longer life more than normal inverters,” said Julie.

“let us discuss”, and then Daniel starts the discussion with their friend, the technician.5kw off grid solar system

“Ok, Julie, we will still buy from you, but remember, to give us the top quality goods, we want to be your agent in Madagascar. We saw your quality controlling process, we saw your materials area, and the 5kw off grid solar system  projects you have done, the feedback from customers, we choose to believe in you.” Daniel said.


After installation, Daniel sent us the 5kw off grid solar system pictures happily. We saw the cables, and told him to need care about the safety to avoid kids getting closer. “haha, my friend, don’t worry, we will do.” said Daniel.

5kw off grid solar system

5kw off grid solar system
solar system for house FS350w solar panel 12pcs
96V/60A  controller 1pc
H4T PV combiner 1pc
5KW IGBT inverter 1pc
200AH gel battery 8pcs
solar panel rack 1set
Battery cable+PV cable 1set


5kw off grid solar system
solar panel

solar panel

1. Mono efficiency 22%,

Poly panel efficiency 19%

2. Suggest choose Mono

3.10 years Warranty,

ship NEW panel for after sale service

solar panel rack

Aluminum Panel Rack,

need confirm before order

1. Iron roof

2. slope Tile roof

3. Flat roof

4. Ground

solar inverter

Pure sine wave inverter

1. Pure sine wave ,

110V or 220V ,Dual output,

2. 50HZ/60HZ frequency

3. Hybrid with city power function

4. 2years Warranty,ship FREE

PCB board by DHL for service

solar battery

Solar battery

1)Gel battery,2 years warranty.ship NEW for service.

2)Lithium battery,3 years warranty.ship NEW for service.

5kw off grid solar system

solar system for home cable

According to the experience of the engineer to install,

the 35cm(battery to battery) and 2m(battery to inverter) 

wires can be directly installed, saving installation time.

How to install 5kw off grid solar system?

5kw solar system

5kw off grid solar system

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