How 200KW Solar system for Factory in Papua New Guinea
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 27,2020

200KW solar system

The customer found TANFON online in 2013. He has a gypsum board factory. He mainly wants to buy one set solar energy system save some electricity costs for his own factory because the local electricity is not particularly stable, which leads to frequent shutdowns of factory equipment. 200KW solar system

The demand was communicated with the sales of TANFON.The first discussion decided that the 30KW solar panel system was enough. 200KW solar system


Jorge He is a very thoughtful person and he wants to install a hybrid system of solar panel system and wind energy so that he can work during the day and night. But according to GOOGLE map, the wind speed in that place is not great, and the installation of wind turbines does not generate electricity obviously Effectively, we still recommend using only solar systems in the end. 200KW solar system


After a few days, he suddenly decided to have a 200KW solar system, because their government was allowed to sell excess electricity to neighboring factories.


200KW solar system

solar energy system FS380w solar panel 520pcs
H10T PV 360V combiner 4pc
360V/150A solar controller 4pc
TF200KW three phase inverter 1pc
2V/1500AH gel battery 180pcs
solar panel rack 1set
Battery cable+PV cable 1set
Packaging Information 200KW solar system Total volume:105CBM        Total weight;27580KG
Installation area solar panel:1040m²             inverter+battery:20-60m² 

200KW solar system

High-end 200KW solar system

off grid solar system

FS380W mono solar panel(poly optional)

Vmp:38.39V  Voc:47.13V  Imp 9.75A    

Size : 1956*992*40mm

25 years life time  (CE TUV)

Coated steel Glass:3.2mm Tem pered

Terminal block:IP65 with MC4 connector

Efficiency performance :25 years 80 % 20 year 85% 10 years 90%

Connect:each 13pcs in series, 4strings in series

off grid solar system

PV combiner

Model:H10T-360v  Multiple PV strings inputs

Simplify wiring between PV array

and controller, protections  to controller ,

Wide range of DC input voltage

Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection

MPPT controller model: 360V/150A 

Charging efficiency; 90%-95%,

charging mode, intelligent control.,

various protection functions;

Can read daily,monthly and total power generation

200KW solar system

Solar three phase Inverter power:SC200kw solar system inverter/360V

WiFi signal receiving module

Low voltage:324V High voltage:442V,

Charging efficiency; 90%-95%,with AC charger built-in, Protection against short-circuit,

Output: 380V 415V 50/60HZ

200KW solar system


Solar battery

1)Gel battery,2 years warranty.

ship NEW for service.

2)Lithium battery,3 years warranty.

ship NEW for service.

Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop

including complete fittings

wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2

structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle adjustable

off grid solar system

1)84pcs 25mm2*35CM battery cable

6pcs 25mm2*2M battery cable

25mm *30M

2)4mm2 PV cable 400M,16mm2 cable 50M

3)terminals and MC4* 10pairs, air breakers

200KW solar system

Carry his 3 pcs 15kw factory matchine(is not 3 matchine working togerther),some light,computer,and normal load 200KW solar system


200KW solar system After install it ,customer send this 200KW solar system picture and feedback ,

We are happy that help customer Fulfill his needs.200KW solar system


TANFON’s advantage: free site surveys, design, production, installation, 200KW solar system

and maintenance with all the efficiency of a one-stop-shop.200KW solar system

200KW solar system


solar energy

200KW solar system

In this Internet age, don't just look at what they say, you must look at how they do it, and TANFON will be consistent in words and deeds, and carry out solar energy solution services to the end 200KW solar system

200KW solar system

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