30kw solar inverter with dual output in Jamaica

In Jamaica, there are dual output power supply, single phase 110V AC and single phase 220V AC. Lights, TV, fans are using 110V AC, air conditioner and water pump use 220V AC. So they need special design inverter with dual output.

30kw solar inverter

In their system, L1+L2=220V, L1+N=110V, L2+N=110V.

Tanfon 30KW solar inverter with dual output, AC input is 220V AC, and dual output 110V and 220V AC, DC current is 384V

When the battery power not enough, the inverter switch to use gird power automatically.

30kw solar inverter

On the screen, you can see the battery voltage, how many load have been use, and can select working mode on the screen.

There are two working mode, the first one is city mode: Use city power first, city power charge the battery. When city power break down, switch to use battery power in 0.04s automatically.

30kw solar inverter

30kw solar inverter

Battery mode: Use battery power first, when battery power not enough, switch to use gird power in 0.04s automatically.

If you want to know more about the 30kw solar inverter with dual output , welcome to contact with us.

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