Tanfon 5kw off grid solar inverter used for truck mobile solar system

As we know, the solar system is normally used in where there hard to get electricity, or the electricity cost high.

This case is the first situation, the client is working with his truck to do some repair work everywhere. But there is a problem of the electricity, because his cutting machine working need the electricity.

5kw off grid solar inverter

The 5kw off grid solar inverter can smoothly work his machine.The cutting machine is inductive appliance. When it start, the current will suddenly higher in few seconds, this moment if the power is not strong enough, it cannot work it. And easy to broken the inverter.

5kw off grid solar inverter

The 5kw off grid solar inverter is made by whole new IC and USA IR brand Mosfet, which can pass bg current , make sure the output powerful enough to inductive loads.

The client is very satisfied with our inverter performance. And took these pictures to share with us.

5kw off grid solar inverter

Our factory can design and produce as per clients’ requriements, and offer OEM service. Also we are looking for business of the solar inverter all over the world.

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