TANFON 200KW solar system project in South African
Published by TANFON SOLAR April 26,2021

The supply of electricity in South Africa has been in short supply, especially in 2019. Due to the flooding of power stations caused by rainstorms and floods, South Africa once reduced the country's 6000 MW power supply, reaching the highest level in history. During the power rationing period, South African residents face blackouts of at least two hours per twice times a day. It also affected neighboring Zimbabwe. The lack of electricity in summer makes local residents more miserable.


Jacques has been working in the power transmission industry. In 2020, he deeply realized the problem of power consumption difficulties. Through the Internet, he learned that there are clean energy such as solar power system, which can provide sufficient and continuous power in case of power failure. The solar power system can also work independently in remote areas without electricity.


After many comparisons, Jacques found that our company has 12 years of experience in manufacturing solar power systems, and our engineers have been to 32 + countries for installation. Therefore, our solar power system design is based on our field investigation and installation experience, and more complete, sustainable and practical solutions are provided to all customers.


According to the customer's requirements and the actual solar power system operability, we suggest that the 200kW solar power system can better meet the electricity demand of their local community. Jacques, in order to solve the problem of electricity difficulty faster, after finalizing the scheme, quickly placed an order to us. Now our 200kW solar power system has been successfully installed in their local area.



Jacques said that the solar power system designed by us works well, has passed the test, and has been put into daily use of electricity in their local community. He is very happy with this cooperation, and promises to cooperate with us again in the next project.


If you want to get rid of the current situation( such as hard to use electricity and high electricity bills from local grid ), you can contact our Tanfon solar professional team to tailor a solar system for you.

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