Why do Congolese people choose Tanfon 6kva solar panel kit
Published by TANFON SOLAR June 13,2020

Mr. Dan** contacted with me at Apr,2019. He would like to buy a solar panel kit for his home use. Because the electricity is very not stable in Congo and the electricity bill is quite expensive. Sometimes it will power cut 3 times a week. One time is 6hrs, which cause big trouble for his daily life. The sunshine is so abundant in Congo,so the solar panel kit is good solution for this.

He knew our company from Alibaba as he saw that we are the golden top10 suppliers of the solar panel kit in the ranking and noticed that many solar projects we have done all over the world. He believed we could supply him the best solution.


After talking the details and calculation of his power consumption,I suggested him the 6kw solar panel kit. And he needs the power often more in night time. One questions is that the area for putting the PV panel is limited. The total area is about 28sqm. For this, i adjusted the quantity and the power of the PV panels,use less quantity 12pcs and bigger power 380w PV panels. So the area needed is 24sqm considering the space of each PV panels. And because he needs to use the power more in night. So it is ok to use the less PV panels and the total cost is reduced too.

Enough is the best. Mr.Dan*felt satisfied with the solution and our service.


After installing the solar panel kit system, Mr.Dan** sent me the photos and told us”it is working fine” He used it from 18:00PM-9:00AM. He is very pleased for its working.


Do you need a solar panel kit system for your home use? Do you want to get rid of the power cut? Don’t you want to pay expensive electricity bill right? Pls feel free to contact us. Choose Tanfon, we will supply the solution for you!

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